Vegetable dewatering machine

sabzavotlarni quritish mashinasi quritish mashinasi

Vegetable dewatering machine is designed for the drying of washed vegetables, cut and sliced vegetables, and fruits. The vegetable centrifugal dehydrator is based on centrifugal motion. The motor drives the inner tank to rotate at a high speed so that the water in the fruits and vegetables is separated and discharged from the mesh of the inner tank and then collected to the drain outlet.

Vegetable dewatering machine specifications

Model raqamiLVCD500
MaterialSUS304 stainless steel
DimensionAbout L 900*W 550*H 1000 mm
Quvvatlantirish manbai3 phase, 380V, 50Hz, can customize
Power consumptionAbout 1.5 kW
Imkoniyat300-500 KGs per hour
Mashinaning og'irligiAbout 170 KG
Inner bucket dimensionDiameter 500mm, length 350 mm
The specifications are for reference only. We reserve the right to change machine specifications without prior notifications.
sabzavotlarni quritish mashinasi quritish mashinasi
sabzavotlarni quritish mashinasi quritish mashinasi
sabzavotlarni quritish mashinasi quritish mashinasi

Vegetable dewatering machine features

The centrifugal dehydrator is mainly used for removing the water contained in washed products, such as leaf vegetables: spinach, celery, Chinese cabbage, green Chinese onion, leek, lily, shallot, mushroom, potato chips, sweet potato chips, pickles, seafood, etc.

1) The machine is made of food-grade SUS304 stainless steel, 100% compatible with food hygiene standards, easy to clean and maintain, durable, no corrosion.

2) Fully automatic variable frequency PLC control panel, easy to operate, allows for free adjustment of dehydration time and speed.

sabzavotlarni quritish mashinasi quritish mashinasi

3) A dependable shake-proof system constructed with high-quality rubber, minimizes machine shaking and noise during dewatering

4) Adjustable anchor bolt to minimize machine shaking caused by possible non-flat ground

5) More machine sizes are available, please let us know if you need any bigger machines


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