Potato Washing Peeling Slicing Machine All-In-One

potato washing peeling slicing machine

Multi-function MPS series potato washing peeling cutting slicing machine is compact designed food processing equipment that combines washing & peeling machine and cutting & slicing machine.

The two-stage washing peeling cutting machine is specially designed for processing stem and root vegetables and fruits fast and space-saving. The machine can process potatoes, taroes, carrots, sweet potatoes, jicamas, pachyrhizus, etc.

How does the potato washing peeling cutting machine work

The machine is a two-stage root & stem vegetable washing and cutting equipment:

The first stage is washing and peeling.  The root vegetables such as potatoes are loaded from the feeding inlet, washed, and peeled in the machine.

The second stage is cutting and slicing. Peeled vegetables come out from the outlet of the first stage, cut by the cutting machine into slices, and strips of various thicknesses and sizes.

Texnik xususiyatlari

Model raqamiMPS400
Imkoniyat200-400 kg/h
Quvvatlantirish manbaiCustomize
Power consumption0.75 KW
Dimension620*600*950 mm
Weight110 KG
The machine specifications are for reference only. We reserve the right to change machine specifications without prior notifications.
potato washing peeling slicing machine
potato washing peeling slicing machine
potato washing peeling slicing machine

Is this machine good for potato chip production?

This two-stage washing-peeling-cutting machine can process many root vegetables, and potato chip production is one of its main functions. The machine is super suitable for potato chip production because of it’s high capacity and compact design.


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