Frozen meat slicer machine

Frozen meat slicer machine FMS960 is another powerful tool for processing frozen meat blocks, as well as fish and seafood frozen blocks, chicken poultry frozen blocks, and frozen blocks of juice, butter, margarine, etc. The rotating cutting system can slice frozen meat blocks directly from freezing storage (-18℃/-24℃) without thawing.

Frozen meat slicing is the necessary pre-treating process before bowl-cutter and meat grinders. Frozen meat slicing machines are widely used in meat processing plants for ham sausage, meatballs, canned meat products, hot dogs, sausages, etc.

Frozen meat slicer machine specifications

Model No.FMS960
Power consumption4 KW
Power supply3 phase, 380V, 50Hz, can customize
Capacity500-700 KGs/hour
Infeed opening size485*250*700 mm
Slice thickness2-5 mm, adjustable
Knife diameter950 mm
Knife rotating speed120 RPM
Machine dimensionAbout 1300*650*1350 mm
Machine weightAbout 350 kg
Disclaimer: We reserve the right to change machine specifications without prior notifications.
frozen meat slicer machine
frozen meat slicer machine
frozen meat slicer machine
frozen meat slicer machine
frozen meat slicer machine
frozen meat slicer machine

Frozen meat slicer machine features

  1. Easy operation: Simple 2 buttons operation, Start button to start the machine, Emergency Stop button for emergency stop
  2. Frozen meat slicing machine FMS960 is made of SUS304 stainless steel, guarantees long service life, and is totally in line with food hygiene
  3. Optimized machine structure prevents machine shaking during working, steady and low noise
  4. The machine can process frozen meat blocks without thawing, saving time and labor cost

Frozen meat slicer machine video

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