Automatic burger forming machine | Hamburger patty machine

Automatic burger forming machine, also known as burger patty machine, is equipment that makes burgers and patties automatically through automatic processes of filling, forming, output, and other processes.

By changing molds, the burger forming machine can make burgers and patties of different shapes and sizes, including round shapes, square shapes, triangle shapes, heart shapes, etc.

automatic burger forming machine
automatic burger forming machine
automatic burger forming machine
automatic burger forming machine

Burger forming making machine specifications

Model No.BPF100
VoltageSingle phase 200V/Three phase 380V, customizable
ProductivityAbout 35 PCs/minute
Burger diameter30-100 mm
Burger thickness6-16 mm
Machine sizeAbout 860*600*1400 mm
MachineAbout 100 KG
Barrel volume30L
Conveyor belt width130 mm
Total power0.55 KW

Automatic burger forming machine features

  1. The burger forming machine is made of food-grade SUS304 stainless steel, guarantees the longest service life, and in line with food hygiene
  2. The machine can produce burgers, patties, and other products of different shapes by changing molds, including round shape, square shape, triangle shape, heat shapes, etc
  3. Easy to operate and maintain
  4. The burger patty making machine can process pork meat, beef meat, poultry meat, fish meat, vegetables (Potatoes, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, carrots, green beans, red beans, broad beans, soybeans, and cashews), and mixes of these materials
  5. The machine can be used to make different products
automatic burger forming machine

Automatic burger forming machine video

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