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Bowl cutter chopper machine is an essential food processing device to chop and emulsify meat, vegetables, fruits, fish and seafood into comminuted pieces with the high-speed rotating knife system.

We offer full range of bowl cutters / bowl choppers with various production capacity and optional functions including automatic unloader, frequency speed control and vacuum bow cutting. The bowl cutters are entirely made of high quality stainless steel with high knife speeds and extra thick cast stainless steel bowls.

What is bowl cutter / bowl chopper

The bowl cutter is a very widely used meat processing equipment designed to grind, mix, emulsify meat, vegetables and beans for sausages, snacks, etc, and stir to mix them with flavours / seasoning for further process. Bowl cutter consists of a horizontally rotating bowl and a set of curved knives rotating vertically on a horizontal axle at ultra high speeds of up to 4500 rpm. The bowl volume ranges from 20 to 550 litres, larger bowl choppers are available, please let us know your requirements to customize.

FZB series bowl cutters’ knife speed combined with the speed of the rotating bowl can be used to produce (emulsify, coarse chop, fine chop) a variety of products from ground pork and beef, hamburgers and beef burger mixes, skin emulsion for use in poultry products, the chopping of vegetables and salads as well as processed cheese and sausages (frankfurters, bologna, liver sausage etc.).

Main types of bowl cutters

From the aspects of capacity and function, we categorize bowl cutters / bowl choppers in the following ways:
1. Capacity: The volume of the bowl, usually 20L, 40L, 80L, 125L, 200L, 330L, 500L, etc.
2. Function options: Automatic hydraulic loading system
3. Function options: Normal and vacuum. For vacuum bowl cutters, the meat materials are processed in the bowl that’s completely sealed and vacuumed to 0.1 Mpa. Vacuum bowl cutter can process meat products by keeping oxygen out of the process and avoid air pockets to prevent oxidizing reaction, thus help the meat keeping it’s origianl color and texture.

bowl cutter factory
Bowl cutter
large bowl cutter with hydraulic feeder
Bowl cutter with automatic hydraulic loading system
vacuum bowl cutter
Vacuum bowl cutter

Small tabletop bowl cutter FZB05 for kitchen and laboratory

Perfect for laboratory or kitchen use, small tabletop bowl cutter FZB05 can be used for prepping root vegetables, cheese, meat, dips, and spreads. FZB05 bowl cutter has 5 liter stainless steel bowl that moves at 23 rotations per minute. The stainless steel blades (3 PCs) can cut 1440 times per minute. 

5L small bowl chopper
the smallest bowl cutter
laboratory bowl cutter
small bow cutter 5L


Product nameSmall tabletop bowl cutter
Model No.FZB05
Bowl volume5 L
Knife quantity3 Pcs
Knife speed1440 RPM
Bowl rotating speed23 RPM
Power supplySingle phase, 220V, 50Hz, can customize
Total power0.55 Kw
Machine sizeAbout 440*675*335mm
Machine weightAbout 55 KGs
The datas are for reference only. We reserve the right to change machine specifications without prior notification.

Bowl cutter FZB20 – FZB330

Below datas are specifications of regular model bowl cutters. If you need larger volume bowl cutters, please let us know.

Model No.Output
Power supplyBlade quantity (Pcs)Blade speed (RPM)Pot rotating speed (RPM)Machine size(mm)Machine weight (kg)
FZB20152.53 Phase, 380V, 50Hz, can customize31440/288023650*860*950200 
FZB403053 Phase, 380V, 50Hz, can customize31440/288023900*1115*1080400
FZB8060163 Phase, 380V, 50Hz, can customize3/6 300-2880
(Up to 3500)
FZB12590253 Phase, 380V, 50Hz, can customize6 300-2880
(Up to 3500)
FZB125A90263 Phase, 380V, 50Hz, can customize6 300-2880
(Up to 3500)
FZB200100-14059.53 Phase, 380V, 50Hz, can customize6200-3600
FZB330160-24080.53 Phase, 380V, 50Hz, can customize6200-3600
The datas are for reference only. We reserve the right to change machine specifications without prior notification.
cheap bowl cutter
bowl cutter
meat bowl cutter

Bowl cutter video

Vacuum bowl cutters

Vacuum bowl cutter enhances product quality by stimulating protein extraction, reducing jelly deposits, boosting yield and increasing shelf life, which are the advantages over bowl cutters without vacuum. Process meat poultry and vegetables in vacuum environment can provide better water binding capabilities and more dense emulsion with improved color and flavor. The volume of the mass increases in vacuum environment, so even the smallest particles could get chopped to achieve a high degree of consistency and particle fineness.


Model No.FZB40VFZB125VFZB200VFZB330V
Volume (L)40125200330
Power consumption (KW)4.555085120
Voltage (V, HZ)3 Phase, 380V, 50Hz, can customize3 Phase, 380V, 50Hz, can customize3 Phase, 380V, 50Hz, can customize3 Phase, 380V, 50Hz, can customize
Blade quantity (Pcs)3666
Blade speed (rpm)Frequency control, 300-3000Frequency control, 300-4500Frequency control, 300-4200Frequency control, 300-3600
Bowl speed (rpm)1211/17Frequency controlFrequency control
Vacuum degree (Mpa)
Machine size (mm, doesn’t include automatic loading system)1100*880*10802050*1780*18502340x2130x19502480x2200x2105
Machine weight (KGs)500250050005800
Automatic loading deviceNoYesYesYes
The datas are for reference only. We reserve the right to change machine specifications without prior notification.
vacuum bowl cutter chopper
Small vacuum bowl cutter FZB40V
vacuum bowl cutter
Vacuum bowl cutter FZB125V/200V/330V

Vacuum bowl cutter FZB200V video

Bowl cutter / Bowl chopper features

1. Food grade 304 stainless steel construction, long service life, inline with food hygiene standards, easy to clean.
2. Wide application range: Commercial bowl cutters are suitable for a wide variety of products from sausage, kranskys & hot dog emulsions, chorizo & salami, ground beef, pork or chicken, fresh sausage, summer sausage, liver pate, through to processed cheese, dried fruits, nut meal & butter and can also be used for salad mixes.
3. Maximum knife speed 4500 rpm for better emulsification
4. Large bowl cutters are equipped with mechanical discharger devices for emptying the cutter automatically
5. Bowl chopper are equipped with strong bowl lid/cover to prevent accedent, and enhance the chopping efficiency by routing the mixing process
6. Bowl cutters are equipped with a thermometer which displays the temperature of the meat mixture in the bowl during chopping

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