Automatic sausage double clipper

Automatic sausage double clipper is a device to close natural or artificial casing sausages with aluminum clips at a high speed of up to 50 clips per minute, cut into individual sausages or 2-9 Pcs continuous links. The automatic sausage double clipper usually connects with a pneumatic sausage stuffer as a whole automatic sausage stuffing-clipping line.

Sausage double clipper specifications

Modell Nr.SDC50
Wurstdurchmesser35-120 mm
Aluminum wire diameter2.1-2.9 mm
GeschwindigkeitUp to 50 times per minute
Druckluft0.6-0.7 MPa
Average air consumption0.8 m3/hour
StromversorgungEinphasig, 220 V, 50 Hz, kann individuell angepasst werden
Totale Kraft1KW
MaschinendimensionAbout 620*960*1400 mm
MaschinengewichtAbout 290 KGs
Output slide board heightAbout 700 mm

Sausage automatic double clipper Video


1. High-speed sausage double clipper up to 50 clips per minute. Fully compatible with a pneumatic sausage stuffer.

2. Easy operation with a clear control panel

3. Nicely designed aluminum wire winder and wire infeed device

4. Aliminum clip device, make sure clips are solid and good-looking

5. Enable 360-degree rotation for convenient operation, to change sausage casings, install aluminum wires, machine cleaning, etc.

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