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Professional Food Processing Machines Manufacturer from China

FMP is a professional food processing machine manufacturer and service provider for worldwide customers. With over 10 years of experience in food machines manufacturing, installing, maintaining, and researching, we can now provide primary and deep processing machines for meat, aquatic products, fruits, and vegetables, including various cleaning machines, cutting machines, dryers, cooking pots, freezers, packaging machines, sterilizing machines, and complete production lines for sausages, meatballs, and other foods, covering the machines required for various food processing processes. We can also customize food machinery according to your requirements.

About FoodMachinePro

Leading Supplier of Food Processing Machines and Solutions

FoodMachinePro is a professional food machinery manufacturer and turnkey solution provider from China. For more than ten years, we have been committed to providing customers with valuable food production equipment and solutions.

We have a proud production, sales and management team that is experienced, patient and responsible, which is the backing of the company’s continuous development and growth.

Trustworthy Food Machine Supplier

Customer satisfication is always our priority. Customers trust us because of our high-quality food machines, prompt delivery, and dependable service throughout the whole process.

Growing Sales and Production Capacity

With 10+ years experience in food machines and services, our sales and production capacity has been growing constantly thanks to the trust of our esteemed customers.

Value-added Cooperation

Providing increasing value to our clients’ businesses is our ultimate pursuit. Let us grow together in more cooperation.

Meat Processing Machines

meat processing machines

Meat processing machines for pork, beef, chicken, and poultry meat processing, including meat cutting machines, various pre-processing machines, meat grinders, bowl cutters, vacuum tumblers, meat dicers, meat slicers, sausage production lines, meatball production lines, dump buggies, etc.

Vegetable Fruit Processing Machines

food machinery vegetable processing machine

Vegetables and fruit processing machines including washing machines, cutting machines, peeling machines, slicing machines, juicing machines, grinding machines, pitting machines for various types and capacities of vegetables and fruits, including fresh cut vegetables, potatoes, taro, lotus roots, carrots,  radishes, sweet potatoes, yams, gingers, onions, celeries, eggplants, corn cobs, tomatoes, apples, pears, oranges, dates, dragonfruit, etc.

General Purpose Processing Machines

Many processes are commonly used for the production of food products, such as sterilizing, drying, freezing, cooking, mixing, frying, sorting, etc. For these common processes, we have general-purpose food processing machines.

food machines

Factory Overview

FoodMachinePro food machines manufacturer from China
FoodMachinePro food machines manufacturer from China
FoodMachinePro food machines manufacturer from China
food machine factory from China
food machine factory from China
food machine factory from China


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Committed To Value-added Food Processing Solutions

We are proud to be an important partner of your constantly growing business. Not matter you need a single set of food machine, or a whole set of food processing line, we are ready for the cooperation.

We Follow Best Practices

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